Pacific Grand Prix Sports Car Track Day, October 14, 2009

Our next track day at the Pacific Grand Prix track will be on Wednesday, October 14.

This is a casual for-fun sports car drive around the new Pacific Grand Prix full-course circuit as seen in my videos. That's right, we're driving our Elises and Miatas and S2000s around a giant, freshly paved go-kart track. 2nd gear all the way around (maybe 3rd in a couple of places) and it's a blast.

This is not a race or competition of any kind, and since it's a fairly tight track (built for motorcycles and go-karts) we will not allow any passing. We'll only run a few cars (3-5) at a time, in groups of similar speed, and space them out so there won't be any traffic jams. We expect well over an hour of track time for each driver throughout the course of the day. We're not racing but we are driving pretty hard, and after each 10 minute session on this highly technical track you will be ready for a rest!

The options are:

There is an additional track-access fee that PGP management will collect on the day of the event, so bring an extra $10 with you to the track. This applies to everyone who goes out on track -- drivers, passengers, photographers in the infield, etc -- $10 per person. If you already have a yearly pass (for go-karting or whatever) then this $10 fee is waived.

If there's any money left over after paying for the track and the corner workers we'll provide drinks and possibly lunch for everybody. For now, you should plan to bring your own food and drink with you to the track; we're cutting it pretty close on the cost-sharing and probably won't have any extra.

Contact me if you have any questions or comments!